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How pi was almost 6.283185...

How pi was almost 6.283185... #1
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TitleHow pi was almost 6.283185...
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Happy pi day! Did you know that in some of his notes, Euler used the symbol pi to represent 6.28..., before the more familiar 3.14... took off as a standard?

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Why? Well, people asked, and what better way to celebrate pi day?

The idea for this video, as well as the live shots, came from Ben Hambrecht, with the writing and animating done by Grant Sanderson.

Special thanks to:
- University Library Basel, for letting us rummage through their historical collection
- Martin Mattmüller from the Bernoulli-Euler center for helpful discussion
- Michael Hartl, author of the Tau Manifesto, for pointing us to obscure references
- Library of the Institut de France

Cinematographer: Eugen Heller

Music by Vincent Rubinetti:
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