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Official Aftermovie - Sziget 2017

Official Aftermovie - Sziget 2017 #1
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TitleOfficial Aftermovie - Sziget 2017
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It’s time to re-live the best moments of the 25th Island of Freedom! Every August almost half million people gather from more than 100 countries to be part of a massive celebration at Sziget!

In 2018 a new chapter will open in the life of Sziget, when another 25 years will begin in the spirit of the "Love Revolution”, that is a great gathering, a happy and peaceful celebration of the fact that we know and we believe that we can change the world together.

The 26th Island of Freedom will be between 8-15 August, 2018 in the amazing city of Budapest!
Join the love revolution and let’s celebrate together!

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