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[MV] Eun Ho (은호) _ Box (상자)

[MV] Eun Ho (은호) _ Box (상자) #1
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Title[MV] Eun Ho (은호) _ Box (상자)
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[MV] Eun Ho (은호) _ Box (상자)

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[Eun Ho(은호)]

I’m Eun Ho.

I have something that are still heartbreaking and painful but precious to me. I also have something that are still heavy to me but light to others. I wrote this song by bringing back my memories when I felt upset due to such a gap.

I hope you can courageously open the box you hid deep in your heart while you’re listening to this song, and this will be an opportunity for you to meet your precious ‘box’ that are not heartbreaking and painful any more.


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